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May, 2018


This week in movie trailer activity we see Deadpool 2 dominating ahead of its release, deploying one of the most effective promotional campaigns ever. It is contrasted by Show Dogs and Book Club which are also releasing this week but limping in with very low activity and a lacking trailer presence. We also see positive jumps in activity from the Mamma Mia sequel and The Spy Who Dumped Me as they hit the middle stage of their promotional cycle in anticipation of late summer release dates.

Top of the Chart – Deadpool 2 tops the trailer view charts this week leading into its release. This concludes an overall terrific promotional campaign, the nearly 180M views generated puts it in the category of Captain America: Civil War, and Justice League and behind only Force Awakens and Infinity War all time. This speaks to the viral appeal of the original, but also the effectiveness of the promotional effort. It honestly looks like the Deadpool team is almost playing a different game than everyone else when it comes to promotional content, just a different level of creativity and consistency.

Releasing This Week – As mentioned above, Deadpool 2 is the major drop this week and if the trailer views are any measure of audience interest, it will do very very well at the Box Office. Deadpool promotional activity in the trailer space has several hallmarks: (1) early start, teasers start dropping a year out, (2) volume and cadence, new trailers are plentiful and drop regularly, and (3) creativity that goes hand in hand with the consistency, every new trailer is something truly unique. It’s a Flood The Zone approach, but with the creativity of the promos themselves, it works very well (I imagine this strategy can be very wasteful or even counterproductive if the promotions feel more cookie-cutter). Even this week, heading into release, there is a music video for Deadpool with Celine Dion which has generated 20M views by itself! We’re not actively showing this info in our dashboard, music videos fall outside of our business rules for these metrics, but we are tracking the activity and it’s given us something to think about in terms of broadening our base of promotional content considerations going forward.


There are two medium-sized releases coming out alongside Deadpool 2 this week, one is Show Dogs which is sort of the definition of a troubled project that’s generating buzz for the wrong reasons. We see this reflected in its trailer data as well, while not quite as bad as I Feel Pretty, Show Dogs trailers didn’t release until just 18 weeks from release, there were only two trailers, and beyond the jump in views at trailer drop time it didn’t appear to pick up any steam along the way. This does not portend well for it’s Box Office prospects.


The other, final, wide release this week is Book Club. This one is in the I Feel Pretty category of iffy promotional efforts. The first trailer dropped just 10 weeks from release, second and final trailer dropped two weeks out, very low activity and does not appear to be building interest at all. Now, there is a path to success here because of how much Book Club relies on the 50 Shades of Grey audience, it is essentially made for fans of that franchise and it’s possible they turn out regardless. However, looking at this trailer views data a strong Box Office opening would be surprising, and if Book Club does manage to perform well you have to wonder how much better it could have done with a stronger trailer campaign.

New Trailers / Biggest Movers – two films in the middle of their promotion cycle had big jumps this week, Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again! and The Spy Who Dumped Me.

Mamma Mia is in the middle of a strong run, they started 30 weeks out, have released two trailers already, this is number three with 9 weeks to go, and the audience has been building throughout following new trailer releases. An interesting note is how much of the interest appears to be international, the German and British trailer variants are doing well in particular.

The Spy Who Dumped Me is sending a more mixed signal: promotion started a little late 19 weeks out and following the initial trailer release didn’t really build a strong audience. Part of the reason it jumped so much this week, as the second trailer has come out, was because previously the activity was so low. That said, the pickup to this second trailer has been strong and steady and with 11 weeks to go before release if TSWDM can build on this response it can do some pretty good things.


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