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April, 2018


Avengers: Infinity War is here, release week is finally upon us and it’s worth reflecting on a promotional trailer campaign that is almost without precedent. Meanwhile, the Venom trailer landed on Monday with a bang. Following on its heels and picking up significant activity are Deadpool 2 and Jurrasic World: Fallen Kindom. A lot of new trailers released this week in general, lining up with CinemaCon, some of which we won’t see reflected until next week as the massive titles above drown out everything else initially.

Top of the Chart – Venom! What a trailer drop, only released two days ago it has already relegated every other movie to fighting it out for attention in the second place. Part of what’s driving the views here is the fascination with what Venom the character will look like exactly, which this is the first trailer to reveal. That’s speculating somewhat, but tracks broadly with reactions to and commentary about the trailer.

Releasing This Week – Avengers Infinity War is the only title releasing this week, and every other movie is getting the hell out of the way. To say that the trailer numbers for this chapter in the MCU world are strong would be a phenomenal understatement. IT’S ALL BEEN LEADING UP TO THIS, indeed. Even though the views are somewhat down this week from last, and it is not at the top of the weekly chart, that’s only because of the insanely high benchmark already set by the Infinity Wars trailers which generated some of the highest views we’ve ever measured.

I pulled together two quick charts to illustrate in context just how insane these numbers are:

In the first chart the trailer views for each of the MCU movies lined up on the same time scale relative to release. We see here that, first, the Infinity War trailer campaign started significantly earlier than the other titles, leading with a teaser. Next, we see that, while other titles started later they did catch up. Age of Ultron actually matches Infinity War briefly, 25 weeks out from release, when Age of Ultron released its teaser. But then we see Infinity War drop its first actual trailer and generate views at an absurd rate. Today, a day out from release, Infinity War has more trailer views than the next two largest titles had combined at this same point (Age of Ultron and Civil War).

On the second chart, the trailer views are lined up on one long timeline. This shows overall effects of internet penetration and YouTube ubiquity. That is, yes, on some level each major MCU release is “most trailer views ever” at the time. However, we can also see here just how different Infinity War is even in that context. This data certainly suggests that Infinity War should be a box office juggernaut.

New Trailers / Biggest Movers – Venom and Deadpool 2 dropped new trailers and are the biggest gains this week. Both are big budget comic-book-based films but are in very different stages of their promotional activity. Deadpool 2 is literally wrapping up its campaign and this was the “final” trailer release. That it had such a strong finishing kick, combined with a consistent and creative campaign throughout, is a great sign for the film as it approaches release in 3 weeks. Venom, on the other hand, is just starting its promotional campaign in earnest. This was the first trailer to actually show what Venom will look like and the reaction is that the audience is at least interested. 30M views in essentially a day in a half of activity is a terrific start.


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