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April, 2018


Checking in on movie trailer activity this week we see ongoing dominance from Avengers: Infinity War. Rampage and Truth or Dare are building solid view numbers ahead of their release this week, and A Quiet Place is driving strong views on the heels of a very successful opening, which should translate into strong week two numbers. Finally, there are new trailers kicking off the promotional campaigns by The Meg, Johnny English, and The First Purge.

Top of the Chart – Avengers: Infinity War not only has the most viewed trailers this week, it is also generating views overall at a remarkable pace. This one trailer for the movie is already the most viewed individual trailer we’ve ever measured. We’ll drill into this further next week because it really is unprecedented.

Releasing This Week – Rampage is the big release this week, and it’s trailer activity is alright. From a revenue standpoint, it’s expected to perform somewhere between San Andreas and Jumanji and the trailer activity backs this hypothesis. San Andreas generated 19M views pre-release, Jumaji generated 57M, and Rampage is at 40M views with two days to release. Should be closer to Jumanji, but unlikely to overtake it.

Truth or Dare is the other major release this week, and as a Blumhouse horror feature, it suddenly has expectations of a significant financial success. It’s entering a crowded field, with the horror-riffic A Quiet Place released last week providing competition and it’s trailer garnering more attention this week than Truth or Dare, combined with very positive reviews following week 1. This suggests Truth or Dare may perform below expectations this weekend. (Or be a massive hit anyway, because everyone loves horror now).

New Trailers / Biggest Movers – three films kicked off their promotional trailer campaign this week. The Meg, in which Jason Statham faces off against a monster pre-historic shark (it’s like Jurassic Park meets Jaws meets Jason Statham, so very likely delightful). The First Purge, which builds out the backstory for the improbably/obviously successful Purge trilogy envisioning a dystopic America that seems less fictional every day. Finally, Johnny English Strikes Again will be the third entry in the franchise which has *NOT* found a way to effectively repackage Mr. Bean for an American audience. The previous iteration made $8M at the box office on a $45 budget, a disaster – if it wasn’t for the $150M it earned internationally!

All three trailers are tracking closely together and in line with expectations so far, will be interesting to see what kind of audience they manage to build as they approach release.


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