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February, 2018

Behind the Scenes
Release Notes

We are proud to announce the availability of our open beta release of FLIQ. We are super excited, little nervous and can’t wait to see what everyone thinks.

If you missed our super cool FLIQ trailer check that out here.

FLIQ is an analytics platform for movies. The goal is to make us all a little bit smarter about something that is a massive business and a huge part of our culture. We hope to do this by providing the data context around movies and making it interactive, informative and helpful.

FLIQ is gathering information from 30+ different sources, applying advanced analytics on top and putting it all together on one screen for you, it’s pretty cool =)

This open beta is a huge milestone for us as we’re making the platform available for the first time. Below is additional information about the release, but really you should just hop into the app and check it out. We’re really excited to get your impression.

1. Curated Movie Library – all the major releases going back to 2005, and future titles through Q3 of this year. For each movie, FLIQ contains unique scores that grade a movie 0-100 for Revenue, Buzz, Critics and Audience. These scores are really helpful when either comparing movies, searching for best/worst or just at a glance understanding how good it is and how. For each movie, we also have a detailed analysis of social media activity, trailer views, performance among peer group (this one is awesome!) dialogue NLP, similar titles, box office, and more.

2. Players and Companies – the top 6 thousand players and distribution companies associated with the movies above. For all the players in companies, we have a portfolio analysis and a visual filmography. Similar to movies we rate the players and companies by the performance of projects they’ve been involved using our scores.

3. Home Dashboard – this is your portal info FLIQ world. Here you’ll find including now playing revenue leaderboard, trending trailers, player and company power rankings, share of trailer engagement, gender balance trend, year-over-year and to-date stats, and recent best. In our estimation, this is a killer snapshot of the movie universe writ large.

4. Box Office Dashboard – this is a smaller dashboard that details specifically BoxOffice information, you can go back several weeks, look at trends at a distributor level and see the pipeline of upcoming releases.

5. Movie Showdown – side by side comparison of up to three movies. This is our favorite feature right now and we’re really excited we were able to get it in for this release.

6. Visual Explorer – this is an analysis tool that lets you visually explore the FLIQ universe. It is deceptively powerful, you can change either axis values (to look at movies over time, or by budget, or runtime, etc.), set the size of the bubbles to be 10 metrics, color by 6 different categories and you can also refine the underlying data using our built in filter.

On the chart right you can see how industry changed in last 13 years and comic book based releases became really dominant, big budget movies.

Items in Development

Our current development focus is below, so expect these features to be added soon:

Forecast – FLIQ is currently predicting movie outcomes weekly, we just need to work them into the app alongside existing information in a way that’s intuitive. Which is a fun UX and data architecture challenge… to put it mildly.

Pivot Analysis – we are planning to to take the interactivity to the next level by adding an pivot analysis module that would let you slice and dice the entire library and create reports and charts on the fly.

Improved Mobile – we want to nail the desktop version first, but as we go we are making enhancements to the mobile experience.

FLIQ Origin Story – how and why did a small startup from Philly build this thing? It’s a good story! We’ll be posting a series of articles that explain everything in the next several weeks.

Known Issues

FLIQ is current a functional prototype in open beta, so… it’s a work in progress. To that end, here are the known current issues:

1. This is open beta – We’re expecting bugs. Feedback is heavily encouraged and will really help us improve the experience.

2. FLIQ is loaded with charts and visuals – it’s best enjoyed in a desktop setting. While we did our best to make it responsive some stuff just does not show well on mobile (complex tables are particularly challenging). We are working on improving the mobile experience and welcome suggestions or ideas, feel free to drop us a line.

3. Data. Data. Data. FLIQ is adding new and refining existing information every day, but it’s a beast of an ongoing process. Three particular things we are focusing right now is Wikipedia views, search activity and trailers.

That’s all! Enough text, check out the app and tell us what you think.


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